European Wedding Cultures

There are some very awesome customs that surround this special occasion, whether you’re planning your own bride slovenian women or are just an admirer of them. From proposal parties, marital showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties to the first appearance time, there are so many tremendous time- honored events that help couples create up to their big day. However, some European nations still have their own distinctive customs, which are distinct from what we’ve come to expect in the Us.

In a typical french town, the bridegroom would assemble his posse at his fiancee’s home before escorting her to the ceremony in a procession. While the groomsmen serenaded and even bribed them to let the bride and him in, her family and friends reverently blocked the house’s entrance. This is called “la motorcade”.

Once at the ceremony, the few may lay on two red velvet chair underneath a ceiling, known as a carre. The parents would then give them bread and salt, with the food representing success and the water representing apprehensions. They’d even crack a pair of glasses, either by stepping on them or throwing them over their head, which represents the breaking of barriers and unification as a married couple.

Three days before the wedding, people in Greece hold a group known as a krevati where they deposit money on the child’s mattresses to promote fertility and prosperity. Similarly, in Sweden, a pot filled with pennies would be placed under the couple’s remaining footwear as she walks down the aisle to reflect money.

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